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  • seria 890

Przetworniki ciśnienia typu 890

Automatyka - AQUA Grupa SBS


  • For all gaseous and liquid, not highly viscous and non-crystallising media
  • Differential pressure measurements between flow and return in heating systems
  • Technical building equipment, filter plants, drinking and service water treatment
  • Monitoring and control of pumps in pressure boosting and fire extinguishing plants

Special features:

  • Compact size
  • 2.5-fold overpressure safety
  • Very good price / performance ratio
  • Robust design

The differential pressure transmitter has a ceramic differential pressure sensor with thick film technology, which works according to the principle of a Wheatstone bridge. The differential pressure deflects the ceramic diaphragm, thereby changing the strain gauge signal, which is amplified to a standard current output signal by the integrated electronics.The sensor is mounted between the two case halves and sealed by o-rings. The sensor is electrically connected by means of a 3-wire cable which is led to the room for service connections through a protective plastic tube.The differential pressure transmitter has two lugs for mounting.

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